If You Date A Writer

If you date a writer, you will be written about. Not exclusively, nor explicitly, but it will happen. 

When you look at us in that way that you think means nothing, but to us means everything - we will use it to create a character.

When you laugh and it makes our heart ring - we will use it to craft a song.

When you make us feel like no one else in the world has ever made us feel, it's almost a disease that we feel we have to describe it, and our only tool is language.

When you use your own words to cause utter destruction to our world - eventually, we will use it to calm our stormy seas within.

Please don't see it as a betrayal of trust. You have to understand: without you, we would have no stimulus. You are our muse, however minor. Without you, we'd have no words. Speechless. The worst part is that, even with you, we're speechless.

Without you... we wouldn't even be writers.

If you date a writer, we will write. Believe us when we say that you are the best part of the pain.

Don't worry. Your secrets will be kept. But your essence will be laid bare for the world.


The Third Place