The Kindness of Strangers

Walking into Purebread is a refreshing change of pace. Everything from the bags of ingredients strewn casually amongst the snacks and merchandise, to the truly sublime coffee, to even how some of the staff tie their hair back with handkerchiefs, there's a strong nostalgic sense to the place - the last point lending to the belief that they just put a pie in the oven (which they may well have done; everything is baked on-site). It's this little island of lovely people, and there aren't enough coffee shops that make you feel welcome in a world where open arms are far too lacking. 

As I - a tall man in sunglasses, beard, and leather jacket - approached the door, I noticed an elderly couple making their way to exit.

I've always taken pride in continuing the tradition of The Little Things - in this case, holding the door open for people, and not just pretty girls. 

The woman first showed genuine surprise in her face, something I enjoyed at first before realising that the surprise was from the unexpected; not too many respect their elders anymore, maybe. The man, though, beamed and said simply "You're a gentleman". This validation was enough to put a smile on my own face, and I could only respond with the truth: "I try, sir."

Much like laundry. you can't just do this once and be a gentleman. With all relationships, it takes constant upkeep. Opening a door for a girl isn't always chivalrous - the lizard part of your brain hopes that this will "pay off", and she'll give you her number. Being nice to everyone is the true measure of a man.

You only have to try.

It's OK to Be a Romantic Man