The Good, the Bad, and the 'Lele

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.

October 3rd. I'm sitting here listening to Southern Accents, the morning Tom Petty died, crying my fucking eyes out, while my girlfriend is in the bathroom getting ready for work. Not necessarily because of that news, but The News. Generally - Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, the CHIP program that was scrapped, denying 9 million American kids from low income families the right to healthcare, racist people saying black athletes can't protest what is happening to their brothers in the streets (under the guise of patriotism), the whole clusterfuck with North Korea. It's nothing in particular except the constant quantity, just scoop after scoop of dogshit ice cream - and I can't usually finish one on a hot day.

You'll notice that those are all problems from next door. But, just as a boy sees his drunk dad with a belt in his hand, we can't help but be afraid. We didn't do anything wrong, but Daddy only carries a belt like that for one reason, and if he can't find our brother...

October 5th. I have just seen one of my heroes, Nick Offerman at the Orpheum. Self-styled as a humourist rather than a comedian, it was welcome relief from the endless barrage of depressing "news" that continues to beat us over the head. 

Mr. Offerman, in the incredibly unlikely event that you're reading this, I'd like to thank you. For multiple reasons.

For your unexpected encore - the plastic Jesus song (which I hope you will record for YouTube at the very least), and thank you for playing the Rainbow song. For "Your Facebook Page", the Homemade Ukelele, "I'm not Ron Swanson", and "PG13".

Thank you for not hiding the fact - via your signature chuckle and a hint of astonishment on your face as you looked into the crowd - that you feel like the luckiest sonofabitch to ever tumble ass-backward into a career that you love, while maintaining a career that you love.

Thank you for being so clearly in love with Megan, and advocating making it obvious to one's significant other, and the rest of the world.

Thank you for getting a fire under my ass to go back to school - in my mid-30s - to learn a trade... I'm researching woodworking classes in another tab.

Most importantly, thank you for making me hurt where I missed it - my face, after smiling so much. We smallfolk need cheering up, and I know I wasn't alone in saying that your medicine worked.

...Well Worth The Wait

For The Presidents